My Favorite
Online Resources

Here's a list of some of my favorite digital camera sites. I visit these regularly to get the latest news and info and prices.

After a lot of looking I found the biggest selection of cameras to research at also have very competitive prices and great digital camera reviews.

Shop at

Digital Camera Resource Page
Cool site. There's a log on the home page that shows the latest updates and news. There's a really good digital camera FAQ and an active discussion forum.

Digital Photography Preview
Great collection of digital cameras of the most popular digital camera sites on the Net. Tons of resources.

Canadian Real Estate Investing Guide
Interesting in taking some pictures of good investment real estate? Check it all out here...

Home Decor & Accents at
So if you're going to take pictures of yourself at home you may as well have your place all decked out. Find some goodies here...

This site is a little like a digital camera portal. Each digital camera has its specifications clearly outlined and there's links to other reviews from all around the Internet.

Imaging Resource
Latest news and reviews of Digital Cameras, Scanners and Printers.

Steve's Digicams
Good reviews and probably the most active digital camera discussion forum on the Net.

Baby Shower Themes
Okay okay, I know....this one isn't really about digital cameras - I'd thought I'd spice things up a little! My good friend Christine has put together some great tips - check it out!!

PC World - Camera Confidential
A must you some great insight into the world of digital camera merchants.

Short Courses
Large selection of eBooks about digital photography.

How to Find the Best Digital Camera - Home Page

Digital Camera Buyer's Guide and Tips...all you need to know about buying digital cameras in plain English.