Popular Digital Camera Magazines

Digital camera magazines are a great resource for picking up tips and tricks about digital photography. You'll find information on digital equipment, recommendations, how-to articles and product reviews.

Different digital camera magazines will take slightly different approaches in how they accomplish this.

Before we take a closer look at the most popular ones there's something you should note...

Most of these photo magazines started with film photography as their focus. With the exploding popularity of digital cameras they're now dedicating lots of attention to digital photography.

Ready to take a look? Great, let's go...

Outdoor Photographer
Outdoor Photographer is continually one of best sellers. It's best suited for the intermediate to advanced user. There's great how-to articles but not that many at the beginner level. However you'll quickly grow into this magazine and the pictures alone are worth picking this one up. The outdoor shots cover everything, not just nature....and the articles give you detailed instructions on how you can capture the same shot. Definitely one of the better digital camera magazines out there...perfect for hobbyists.

American Photo

American Photo is a little different than the rest of the digital camera magazines out there. It focuses on the photographers behind the pictures...instead of just the techniques used to capture the picture. You'll still get the specifics on how certain shots were taken but you'll also get stories on the photographers behind them. Kinda cool. There's also good product reviews...I've noticed that they tend to focus more on the higher end stuff.


Out of all the digital camera magazines this one has the most practical guides, tips and techniques. It doesn't go too in depth but does offer enough detail for the beginner to intermediate. The editors write up 'user reports'....outlining experiences with various new equipment. There is usually a spotlight on a photographer and a how-to article that covers one aspect of photography in just the right amount of detail. They recently had an 8 page section on macro photography (how to take close ups).

Popular Photography

Popular Photography is one of the digital camera magazines trying to be all things to all people. There's a ton of product reviews, insider tips, new technology previews, destination spotlights etc.. Out of all the digital camera magainzes this one definitely has the largest catalog of equipment. This can be a good thing just beware of it before you subscribe...the ads take up about half the magazine.

PC Photo

PCPhoto is a great magazine for anyone looking to buy their first digital camera. There's tons of digital camera reviews and good short reports on things that go along with digital photography....scanners, printers etc. This is one of the digital camera magazines that focuses solely on digital. There are destination spotlights, good Q & A sections and a good tips and tricks section. Recently they covered how to use photo editing software to restore old looking pictures. Out of all the digital camera magazines you may grow out of this one the fastest but for the beginner to intermediate it's a great choice.

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