Olympus Digital Cameras

Olympus digital cameras are built with some rock solid technology. Olympus has been busy building cameras for 82 years! These guys know what they're doing. There are three categories of Olympus digital cameras....the D, C and E-Series.

  1. D-Series - good quality point and shoot digital cameras, very compact. Great entry level for beginners.
  2. C-Series - still easy to use with automatic settings and have more manual controls. Available with higher number of megapixels.
  3. E-Series - high end, professional grade SLR with full manual controls.

One of the most popular Olympus film cameras has is the Stylus. Now Olympus has introduced the digital version....the Olympus Digital Stylus. It's an ultra compact, cool looking metal finish camera with an all weather exterior for good protection - Olympus is the first to offer an all weather digital camera!

Olympus has also introduced some leading edge digital innovations. Their TruePic technology produces great images by using as many pixels as possible...even on lower end Olympus digital cameras. This can eat up some extra memory but the pictures come out looking really good.

They also created a way to easily transfer pictures off an Olympus digital camera to your computer - there's no extra software to install....which is great! It's called Auto-Connect USB. These kinds of improvements keep Olympus digital cameras ahead of the curve.

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