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s45 Canon Powershot

The s45 Canon Powershot has definitely taken the digital camera world by storm! The excitement around this camera is incredible...and for good reason. The s45 Canon Powershot looks good, feels good and takes fantastic pictures.

Whenever the topic of digital cameras comes up you will eventually find yourself talking about megapixels....and with 4 megapixels this camera is a heavy hitter. You get great looking pictures with this Canon. More importantly the quality of the other components - like the lens and image sensor - is excellent.

You can find other 4 megapixel cameras for less money but they won't produce the same crisp images as this one. The s45 Canon Powershot is a quality product.

It's easy enough to use for beginners with its auto settings and there's enough manual controls to make even the most serious hobbyist a happy camper!

I can only find a couple of areas for improvement...and these are just some personal preferences. The memory card that it ships with is only 32MB - you'll be wanting more pretty quickly - and the software used to transfer images to your computer could use some help. I find it's not as user friendly as it could be.

Overall, great camera! I'd recommend it.

A friend of mine has been smiling ever since he got his!

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