Looking for a Good Used or
Refurbished Digital Camera?

Okay getting a good refurbished digital camera is pretty easy. You just need to know where to look...the links to the best two places I could find for buying a refurbished or used digital camera are below.

Before you jump in let's cover some points to keep in mind.

When shopping for a used or refurbished digital camera...

  1. Always check what type of warranty you're getting. Is it directly from the manufacturer or is it from the retailer? How long is it? What exactly does
    it cover?
  2. Get a recommendation of an online store before you buy a used or refurbished digital camera! Ask around to see what type of experiences people have been having. I only include ones I trust on this page.
  3. Check that your used or refurbished digital camera will have all the proper manuals, cords, accessories etc.
  4. Okay this may sound funny...check that your used or refurbished digital camera will work! Reliable online retailers will explain that the product is in working order.
  5. You may want to poke around a little and find out if the digital camera is an 'open box' return or a repaired item. Sometimes online retailers will get returns because of minor cosmetic blemishes or even a wrong purchase. Usually this is considered a used digital camera and can't be sold as new...so you can find some great deals!

Recommended online retailers for refurbished or used digital cameras...

Option #1 Get a used or refurbished digital camera from SmartBargains
A large refurbished digital camera selection, dependable, clear and secure website and most importantly great deals!

Option #2 Amazon.com has tons of refurbished and used digital camera Huge refurbished and used digital camera selection, awesome customer service, almost every brand or type you could think of. Amazon.com also has a really cool feature...they'll tracks things you've purchased and will give you an estimate resell value of your products. Very cool.

Here's Some More Information...

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More places to find a good refurbished digital camera ...
Recommended online retailers. Each of these has good prices, great reviews and most importantly they are dependable with reliable service.