Nikon Digital Cameras Guide

Nikon digital cameras are leaders in digital photography. They arevery highly respected and produce quality Nikon isthe only major optical company in the world that controls all aspectsof it's glass making business. No wonder their products get ravereviews!

Nikon has a camera that will fit almost any need. Researching theCoolpix Nikon digital cameras I discovered they have received moreawards than any other consumer digital camera. Pretty impressive!

Let's take a closer look...

Let's take a closer look at the different types of Nikon digital cameras

#1 consumer Point & Shoot (easy to use Nikon's!)

Nikon has some great stuff to choose from in this category. These Nikon digital cameras go by the name Coolpix, each with different model numbers (2100, 2500, 3100, 3500 and SQ).

They range from offering between 2 and 3.3 megapixels...and one of the nicest things about these digital cameras are the 'scene modes'.

Instead of setting a series of manual controls you can pick from a selection of presets: Portrait, Party/Indoor, Night Portrait, Beach/Snow, Landscape, Close Up, Fireworks etc. This is a great help in getting the best shot...when looking at these Nikon digital cameras be aware that not all models have all of the scenes.

One more'll get blurry pictures if you choose the wrong scene. So you'll want to stick to the 'automatic' setting if you're not sure.

All of these Nikon digital cameras are pretty compact so you can carry them around in a pocket easily. Some of these models have a swivel lens which is kinda cool....offers good protection when not in use. The LCDs on the back are nice and bright but they don't come with an optical viewfinder (the thing you look through), LCD only - little strange.

Personally I like to have an optical viewfinder as well as an LCD...I find it's easierto hold the camera steady using the optical viewfinder. I guess that's how they offer all this functionality at good prices.

Most of the Nikon digital cameras also have an email button....this will take smaller pictures perfect for sending via email. Not sure how much I'd use that but it's still pretty cool! Overall, these are great digital cameras....good choice if you're a casualuser or buying on a budget.

#2 High-End Consumer

The high end Nikon digital cameras offer you more flexibility. So if you're looking for manual controls this is the way to go. These Nikon Coolpix range in model numbers as well (4300, 4500, 5000, 5700). They vary from having 3 to 5'll be able to get enlargements of your best pics developed with these Nikon's.

These Nikon digital cameras offer full manual modes, manual focus, various shutter speeds, white balance, aperture priority etc. They all use CompactFlash memory cards and the higher models can accept CompactFlash II and IBM Microdrives so you can store 1Gig (1000 Mega Bytes) of pictures - one card could hold enough pictures to last you an entire vacation....gotta love that!

The 5000 and 5700 have LCDs that flip out and rotate....pretty handy for previewing your shots. Overall, these Nikon digital cameras offer even the most serious hobbyist good value, the 5 megapixel 5700 is extremely popular. Tough to go wrong with any of the Nikon digital cameras in this category.

#3 Professional Nikon Digital Cameras

For many enthusiasts moving from high end film cameras to digital these Nikon digital cameras are the way to go (D100, D1H, D1X). The D100 is the latest offering from Nikon and gets you 6.1 megapixels (wow!) and a fully featured SLR (Single Lens Reflex - what you see in the viewfinder is exactly what is taken by the camera).

Of course there's tons of manual features, on-demand grid lines in the viewfinder and new high speed image processing. It'll handle CompactFlash and CompactFlash Type II memory cards as well as IBM Microdrives for lots of storage space. The Nikon D100 digital camera will please the most serious hobbyist or even a seasoned professional.

Next, let's take a peak at some of the hottest selling...most popular Nikon digital cameras

While researching Nikon digital cameras for this guide I found you'll save the most money byshopping online. I ended up comparing many online retailers and found that you can find price differences up to 15%...that can add up!

The links below will take you to the one that has the best combination of price and service for thatcamera. Mostof the time I found either TigerDirect or Amazon ended up having the best combination of priceand reliable service...

Nikon Coolpix 2500
This Nikon 2500 definitely has a cool funky look to it. It's compact so you can carryit around with you to parties, family gatherings or on vacations really easily. The lens on the 2500 model Nikon digital cameras swivel...which is pretty neat and it protects the lens when you're not using it.

When you hold it in your hand it feels like a solid camera. It doesn't have an opticalviewfinder - LCD only - but it's pretty bright so you can see it in most lighting conditions.You'll be able to develop your pictures up to 5x7 inches...and the quality of these 2megapixel Nikon digital cameras are really good.

Nikon uses good image sensors and lenseswhich really make a difference compared to cheaper 2 megapixel cameras. Great beginner camera and a goodchoice if you're on a budget.

Nikon 2500

Get the Nikon 2500, check the price here and read more here...

Nikon Coolpix 4300

Okay, the 4300 Nikon digital cameras are taking the industry by storm. It'll be difficult tofind any other digital camera with 4 megapixels for the price. One of the nicest things aboutthese Nikon digital cameras is how easy they are to use - fully automatic - point and shoot simple. It has12 different 'scene' modes so you can easily get the best picture by choosing the proper scene.This way you don't have to fiddle with manual settings. It comes with a 16MB CompactFlash memorycard - you'll definitely want to get a larger one to hold all your pictures.

You can also attach Nikon accessories to this one - like wide-angle and telephoto lenses.Overall, great choice for a casual user.

Nikon 4300 small

Get the Nikon 4300 here...

Nikon Coolpix 5700

The Nikon 5700 is a serious piece of work. It has 5 megapixels, 8x optical zoom and manualsettings for just about everything that you can think of. There's a built-in speaker as well...whichmakes it really handy to play back your short movies. These Nikon digital cameras are compact in size - which is pretty amazing considering all the functionality. The 5700 usesan Electronic Viewfinder instead of the usual glass version. This may take some getting usedto but it seems more and more models are using them. Lots of stuff to play with'll payfor it though...the 5700 Nikon digital cameras are expensive!
Nikon 5700

Read more about the 5700 here...

My Recomendation For Nikon Digital Cameras

Beginners and casual users can't go wrong with the Nikon'llget great shots with the easy to use 'scene modes' and there's enoughmegapixels to get your best pictures developed at almost any size. These Nikon digital cameras are niceand compact too!

If you're looking for some more control over the camera I'd go withthe Nikon 5700, all the bells and whistles and with 5 megapixels youcan't go wrong. Both these Nikon digital cameras are great choices.

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Tips on Buying a Digital Camera

  1. One Million Pixels = 1 Megapixel.  The more you have the sharper your image.  However, casual users don't need more than 2.1 Megapixels for good 5 x 7 inch prints.  If you need larger get more.
  2. Watch out for digital zoom.  Optical zoom doesn't distort your picture in any way, digital zoom can.  Read the fine print.
  3. Different manufacturers will use different types of memory cards.  CompactFlash and SmartMedia are two popular types.
  4. Cheaper cameras may have a LCD or a typical viewfinder, but not both.  Get one with both.
  5. Invest in rechargeable batteries or you'll be buying batteries pretty regularly.
  6. 3 camera sizes - Compact, Standard and Professional (slightly larger).
  7. Read the computer requirements for the camera.  Check that you have an available USB or Serial port on your PC.


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